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Mr. Heater F276330 Coupling Adapter Kit

Mr. Heater F276330 Coupling Adapter Kit
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Mr. Heater F276330 Coupling Adapter Kit



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Gas Mate II. (1/4'' Male pipe thread x Male plug). (Quick connect x P.O.L.). Eliminates wrenches; fits on all refillable propane cylinders; provides plug in/plug out use of appliances such as gas grills, torches, heaters, cookers, etc. Plastic disposable assembly tool supplied for assembly.

Out of stock

Product Details
Product Length:3.63 inches
Product Width:1.5 inches
Product Height:3.75 inches
Product Weight:0.2 pounds
Package Length:3.8 inches
Package Width:3.2 inches
Package Height:1.6 inches
Package Weight:0.25 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 16 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 16 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

27 of 36 found the following review helpful:

1Mr. Heater Propane Gas Quick Connect, F276330  Jul 04, 2008 By Richard C. Gretzinger
Two years ago I purchased this Mr. Heater quick connect coupling F276330. Last week I discovered that the quick connect was leaking. I removed the quick connect from the propane tank and discovered that the rubber O ring was broken. I called Mr. Heater's customer service and was advised that I had to replace the entire quick connect coupling adapter for $29.99 (the warranty on this coupling is one year). According to Mr. Heater, the F276330 coupling is supposed to be a permanent installation, so no separate parts, not even an O ring, are available. For the want of a ten cent O ring, the entire quick connect coupling adapter was lost!!!

6 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5Works fine for light usage.  Dec 27, 2009 By doctorPC
I would recommend this if you have a very old grill with a quick release regulator: this adapter will allow you to hook your old grill up to a new standard tank. That said, I would not recommend this to someone who goes trough propane tanks on a weekly basis as this adapter is not made to be mounted and dismounted easily or efficiently.

2 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Does the job  Sep 23, 2012 By Robert Haven
This adapter served my needs and appears to be good-quality heavy brass, but like others point out, it is a more permanent connection to the tank than I would like (but maybe it has to be that way).

I have an old Weber grill with a quick release connector. I had to replace my old quick-release propane tank with a new tank that has the standard threaded connection. By connecting the female quick-release part of this adapter kit to the threaded connection of my tank I can continue to use the male quick-release hose coming out of my grill. I did not need to use the male quick-release connector that comes with this kit.

The adapter is solid and provides a good connection without any leaks (checked with soapy water), and I'm happy.

I have just two minor issues: 1) It's not clear, even with the instructions, what tool to use to screw the adapter into the tank. I used my channel lock pliers and that worked, but I had to be careful not to wreck the threads. 2) When I run out of propane, I might have to remove the adapter from the tank and attach it to a new tank. It will be kind of a pain to use the pliers each time. This adapter does not have the additional rotating plastic threaded connector (like on the female end of a garden hose) that makes it easier and faster to remove and attach the tank. But maybe the manufacturer doesn't think that is a secure enough way to connect an adapter like this, as opposed to just a hose.

4Works OK but...  Dec 24, 2013 By Derek Long
The adapter itself is great if you own your own tank and can install it one time using the plastic insert to tighten it down. If the insert breaks, which is apparently by design, no big deal. But if you exchange tanks like I do it is a hassle to take off and reinstall because the only way to do it easily is to use the flimsy plastic insert. If you don't tighten it enough you may have a gas leak but you dont want to break it. This problem could have been avoided completely by including a METAL tightening insert!

4It Works  Aug 08, 2012 By Terry Bisgrove "Mr.E.Man"
A bit expensive, but the product is quality, simple to install, and works as advertised. It has the unique feature of being reusable were many of the products on the market are one-time use and replace. I would buy this product again.

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